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Уважаеми родители , след успешния старт на клуб  ”Млад журналист” в началото на  месец септември,  в училище “Слънчогледи”  започнаха и редовните учебни занятия за учениците от първи до осми клас.
Екипът на училището има удоволствието да ви уведоми, че ще        посрещне своите най-малки ученици (4 до 6 години) на 
втори октомври (събота) от 10 часа сутринта, на познатия ви адрес:
577 Pennsylvania Ave, Glen Ellyn   Illinois60137

За родителите на  най-малките училището предлага още една услуга:

От 1 октомври училище “Слънчогледи”

577 Pennsylvania Ave, Suite 201
Glen Ellyn, Illinois 60137
Ви предоставя възможността да се грижи почасово за детето ви  в базата на училището.
За повече информация :   Тел: 630-373-5513

А сега   на вашето внимание е втора част на   есето

Today’s Problem is Not War or Financial Meltdown

It is because of their fun f actor that people want to play video games. Should something be blamed for being fun? I don’t think so. The way I see it I would rather be addicted to Call of Duty than cocaine. Video games cause people to become hooked because they reward players (Glazer). When someone picks up a game and starts playing, they instantly begin learning, discovering, and unlocking rewards. This makes most players want to keep doing it out of curiosity and competition, it isn’t really harmful unless taken to an extreme state of abuse. Even addiction to sports has more serious side effects. In the year 2000 during the Euro Finals in Copenhagen, British and Turkish fans destroyed the city in a riot that couldn’t be contained by riot police (“Soccer”). Sadly, you won’t see psychologists trying to cure Soccer obsession. On the other hand researchers looked into some of the most addictive games like World of Warcraft and Everquest to find out why players don’t want to put them down.  
 According to Stanford University researcher Nick Yee…Most such games — which get harder as the player becomes more skilled — use designs based on behavioral conditioning, according to Yee, which conditions players to work harder and faster as they improve, creating a kind of digital treadmill of which players are often unaware.

Yes, these games actually require people to sharpen their skills and patience to succeed (Glazer), last time I checked being patient and hard working wasn’t a bad thing. Just because there are a few rotten tomatoes who prefer to play for a week without taking a shower doesn’t mean video games are bad or that being addicted to them is a serious problem for our society. 
Christopher P. Barlett, Richard J. Harris, and Ross Baldassaro are scientists from Kansas State University who conducted studies on various groups of people to see if playing video games increased aggression. Because they believed what a person feels would affect their real world actions, the researchers wanted to find out if the use of weapons in first person games made players more desensitized to violence. According to their research, playing first person shooters, and the mere presence of a weapon, increases violent physiological arousal (Tang).  Other researchers have come to a similar conclusion. Cheryl Olson, co-founder and director of the Harvard Medical School’s Center for Mental Health and Media conducted her research after finding out that Cho Seung-Hui, the man behind the Virginia Tech massacre of 32 people, was an obsessive gamer. She stated that “The special effects and gratuitous violence seen in the mass media ultimately desensitize humanity, and Cho’s case illustrates how dangerous the repercussions can be” (Olson). Does this mean that violent video games are to blame for someone’s actions? Jack Thompson thinks the Virginia Tech shooting occurred because Cho trained on a world famous first person shooter game called Counter Strike, “it drills you and gives you scenarios on how to kill them [and] gets you to kill them with your heart rate lower”(60 minutes). Thompson believes that video games are “murder simulators” (“Can A Video Game Lead To Murder”) and if it weren’t for video games the world would be free of crime.  
Many parents also believe that their kids are exposed to too much violence in these games and that makes them more aggressive. President Clinton, for example, was one of the many leaders who believed that the Columbine Massacre was due to the killers’ fascination with first person shooter games like Doom, but is that the real case?
”Училище “Слънчогледи”
By Ivaylo
Клуб ”Млад журналист ”
To be continued