Change Citizen Representatives!

I cannot sit by as the Professional Politicians ruin my country.  Both Parties refuse to control spending and each blames the other.  To ensure their power, they pit us against each other by grouping our interests to prevent us from making collective decisions against their wants.

But, we are far more alike than we are different. is bringing us together to select true Citizen Representatives who will run government as it was designed and they will not be controlled by big money and lobbyists. Together we are more powerful than they are.  Lets join at and select our own candidates.

Goooh candidates must refuse money and favors, they will only serve for a limited time and they will vote as agreed upon by us.  This is what our forefathers intended.  Become the patriot your children need. 

We need you, our country needs you. Join us at

C.C. Rice
Submitted to “Bulgaria SEGA”newspaper