"Оркестър МЕЗЕ" от Лос Анджелис търси подкрепа за издаването на втория си албум

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Бих искал да отнема само минутка от времето ви за да споделя новините относно моя ансамбъл "Оркестър МЕЗЕ". Преди 2 години издадохме първия си студиен албум и съм много радостен да съобщя, че в момента се подготвяме да запишем нашия втори диск през Август. Той ще включва нова, оригинална музика с нов, голям фънки звук, но и познатите танцувални, Български и Балкански МЕЗЕ елементи. Специални гости на този албум ще бъдат световноизвестните музиканти Ellis Hall - former Tower of Power singer, Miroslav Tadic - guitar, Теодосий Спасов - кавал и баща ми Тодор Киров - гъдулка. Тъй като мащаба на този проект е значителен, ние започнахме IndieGoGo fundraising кампания с която се надяваме да намерим подкрепа от приятели и фенове - от всички които харесват нашата музика. 


Ще ви бъдем много благодарни и признателни, ако пожелаете да ни подкрепите в тази кампания чрез предварителна поръчка на новия ни албум или по някакъв друг начин. Освен това, ние също предлагаме голямо разнообразие от различни награди в зависимост от избраното ниво на финансова подкрепа - компакт-дискове, тениски, постери, бутилка ракия, участие в наш видеоклип, вечеря сготвена от мен и ред други. Пълен списък на наградите може да бъде видян на страницата на нашата кампания: http://igg.me/at/meze/

Благодарим от сърце!!!

Милен и Оркестър МЕЗЕ

Dear fans and friends,

We are excited to announce that we just launched a campaign to raise funds for our second album, which is to be recorded in August. As you know, we are not backed by a label or a sponsor and do not have a manager or an agent. We are simply an independent ensemble creating fun music and bringing it directly to you. We record music for you, we play concerts for you, and we count on you to help us make our second record. 

What is so exciting about this fundraising process is that you, our fans will receive some great rewards in return for your support. Depending on the amount you pledge, you can choose a "peasant package" the contents of which range from a digital download of the album and a CD signed by the entire band to a dinner cooked by our master chef Milen, a photo shoot with our singer/pro photographer Hannah or the entire band playing in your back yard.

This record is extremely important for us, as it will show the development of our sound since the release of our debut album. It will include all original material firmly establishing our unique "peasant funk" style with a bigger, funkier, brassier sound, English lyrics and a seamless incorporation of all American and Balkan elements. And it will feature 4 very special musical guests:

Ellis Hall - the legendary singer/multi-instrumentalist and former Tower of Power vocalist

Miroslav Tadic - a world-renowned guitarist, called by Guitar Player Magazine one of the world's thirty most radical and individual guitarists

Theodosii Spassov - one of the most important figures in the music of Bulgaria and the foremost performer on Bulgarian kaval

Dr. Todor Kirov - a legendary Bulgarian gadulka teacher, performer, and composer (author of one of the compositions on the new album)

With your help, we are confident that our second album will take us to the next level reaching many more people all over the world with our unique sound that makes everyone dance. And with the addition of our amazing musical guests' talents, this record will truly cross country borders and genre limitations and will present an inimitable and instantly recognizable style that can reach far and beyond our imagination and dreams.

If you would like to explore our IndieGoGo page, check out the entire list of "peasant packages", pick one that strikes your fancy, and pledge your support - just click on our IndieGoGo widget (with our photo) on the left side of this email. Another great way to help us and have a huge impact on this fund-raising campaign is to spread the word by sharing our IndieGogo page, forwarding this email and letting your friends and family know about our music and our efforts to fund our second record. 

Thank you so much for your attention and help!! We cannot do this without our fans and friends and we will be forever grateful for your support! Here's a video which will explain a bit more about our IndieGoGo campaign and the special guests that are going to be a part of this album:




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