Statement from Sheriff Dart on the Cook County Jail Population

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As of today, August 20, the Cook County Jail population stands at 10,182. This represents a 3.7% increase over the past 11 days (since August 9), when the population stood at 9,820. It also happens to be our highest population since October 11, 2007.


The Sheriff’s Office will continue to utilize all of the options available to us. We are using over 200 beds in downstate counties for a fee. Thanks to the heightened involvement of the judiciary, we are at our highest electronic monitoring level in years. Additionally, the closing of mental health clinics continues to yield a staggering amount of mentally ill individuals into the jail, typically for petty offenses. 

As can be expected, our overtime numbers are increasing dramatically in addition to our standard $145 daily cost to house one inmate. If these trends continue, hard earned legal successes will be jeopardized.


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